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November 1-3, 2024

Eudēmonia is a transformational 3-day summit designed to empower you to cultivate your personal well-being in all dimensions of life: physical, mental and social.

Hundreds of trusted experts and leading teachers from across the health & wellness universe will join thousands of wellness seekers for three days of active experiences, hands-on knowledge and connection.


Good health is the result of good practices based on accurate information. Our experts will explore these five elements of physical and mental health.

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Each element wll be explored through interactive, in-person talks as well as through participatory practices, classes, workouts and routines.



Set in the heart of vibrant downtown West Palm Beach, Eudēmonia will offer more than twenty active venues with hundreds of daily sessions, an expo hall filled the latest brands in wellness tech, and daily culinary experiences designed to fuel your journey.


The venue is just steps from the breathtaking waterfront, bustling entertainment districts, and fine dining of Palm Beach.

Each day at Eudēmonia will be filled with things you learn and things you do.





We invite you to join us in an immersive summit where you’ll learn, participate and emerge as the CEO of your personal health & wellness.


Our health is our true wealth. We aspire to eudemonia for all.