Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor Registration


November 1 - 3, 2024

West Palm Beach, Florida

Named after the Greek word for ”human flourishing,” Eudēmonia aims to empower attendees to cultivate their personal well-being in all dimensions of life:  physical, mental and emotional. Our revolutionary lineup of thinkers will explore the concept of well-being from a holistic perspective, combining the latest research in neuroscience, metabolic health, and functional medicine with proven practices designed to optimize human well-being. Eudēmonia is more than a state of mind:  it’s life well-lived. 

Eudēmonia offers a carefully curated expo of the leading companies in personal wellness, including wearables, supplements, biometric testing, at-home treatments and wellness destinations. For leaders in the wellness industry, the event offers interactive seminars and workshops designed to introduce you to the leaders of, and latest trends in, wellness.

Apply now for consideration at our lowest rates. Thank you!

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Write a brief description (2 to 3 sentences) about your company, goods and services.

This copy will serve as an invitation to customers to visit your booth, so please write carefully. If you are selected, we will include your information on our website and in our program guide. We will add your vendor profile once all pertinent information and full payments are received.

Booth Information

2024 Exhibitor Pricing (per 100 square feet):

  • April 1 - May 15: $4,495
  • May 16 - July 31:$4,995
  • August 1 - September 15: $5,495
  • September 16 - October 15: $5,995

To apply, you will submit a $500 deposit towards your exhibitor fees. This application does not guarantee acceptance, but your deposit will be refunded if you are not accepted.

All 10’ x 10’ and 10’ x 20’ spaces include pipe & drape back and sidewalls, tables and chairs. Larger sizes will require a branded custom activation. A la carte branding packages will be available for rent via our conferences services company. Spaces larger than 20' x 20' are reserved for sponsors. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us at partnerships@eudemonia.net

For any questions regarding exhibitor spaces, please contact us at exhibitors@eudemonia.net

All vendors selling goods or services must have a valid Florida sales tax permit.

Before you continue, please carefully read through the Disclosure of Rules and the Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

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